Collection: Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamps


Our cordless lamp collection does the job when it comes to bringing life (and light) to your living space.

These lamps will be the center of attention in your house with their brass and gold finishing, which gives them a luxurious appeal and allow you to enhance the look of the room they are placed in. We tie in the modern aesthetic with the elegance of mid-century designs that complement every corner of your house and set the tone of your space for you to relax.

There is nothing better than decorating your house with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that not only bring personality and character to your house but also make you feel warm, cozy, and at peace.

Our cordless lamps bring you convenience so that you can move them around and place them anywhere you like to add personality to your space. Say "no" to getting tangled in the long extension cords that are not just a hassle to deal with but also impact the look of your space by making it appear cluttered and messy. You no longer have to find a light socket that is in close proximity to your lamp, as you can now freely move it around as you like!

Goods are made of aluminum or iron. You can quickly recharge batteries of these lamps with a type-c USB charger. It works great for outdoor usage; some items are waterproof. Set the level of brightness and tone with a dimmable touch controller. Lamps are portable, so you can easily take them to your bedroom, put them near the bedside, on the dining table, and make a restaurant atmosphere at home or use them outdoors at the patio zone.