Beverage Party Pump - Shotgun your drink easily with the Beverage Party Pump!

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🍺 Perfect Beverages Shotgun Tool!

🍻 Quick and Satisfying Puncture!

🥃 No More Spills!

🥤 No More Cut Lips or Fingers!

Don`t know how to shotgun a drink?

Shotgunning a drink requires a specific set of skills and technique to do it successfully. It involves creating a hole in the bottom of the can, opening the top, and consuming the contents quickly. Coordinating these actions in a precise manner can be difficult, especially for individuals who are not familiar with the process.

Maintaining control over the flow of the drink while managing your breathing and swallowing can be a challenge. It requires a level of coordination and practice to achieve a smooth, uninterrupted flow.

Are you messy after shotgunning a drink?

Shotgunning can result in spills and mess, particularly if the drink is not consumed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, due to the rapid consumption, there is a higher likelihood of wasting some of the drink or experiencing discomfort if the body is unable to handle the sudden intake of liquid.

Pressure can also cause the carbonated drink to foam excessively, making it harder to consume in one swift motion.

Shotgun your drink easily without skills with the Beverage Party Pump!

The Beverage Party Pump is the perfect way to shotgun your beer without spillage. With its quick and consistent puncturing of cans, and diversion feature that allows beer to flow directly into your mouth, the Beverage Party Pump is the perfect tool for any party. No more sharp objects needed, and no more worrying about beer spilling everywhere - with the Beverage Party Pump, you can enjoy your beer without any hassle. So rally up your friends and get ready for a good time - with the Beverage Party Pump, there's guaranteed to be no mess and nothing but fun.

How to use:

🍺 Load it;

🍻 Tilt it;

🥃 Pump it;

🥂 Push it;

🍹 Spin it;

🥤 Chug it.


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