Beverage Can Cover - Drink whatever you want and wherever you want with Beverage Can Cover!

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🍺 Hide your beer or other drink can!

🍻 Easy to use!

🥃 Easy to carry!

🥤 Made from food-grade silicone!

Want to drink beer in public but want to be caught by police?

Most states have open container laws that restrict the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places. These laws typically prohibit possessing an open container of alcohol (including beer) in public areas such as streets, sidewalks, parks, and vehicles. Violating these laws can result in fines, citations, or even arrest, depending on the jurisdiction.

Even if drinking beer in public is technically allowed in a particular area, engaging in excessive or disruptive behavior can draw the attention of law enforcement and local residents.

Tired of paying 8$+ for a single beer in cinemas and similar places?

The issue of expensive beer in cinemas can be a source of frustration for many moviegoers. While prices can vary between cinemas and locations, high costs for beverages, including beer, are common.

Some cinemas allow patrons to bring their own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. But you aren`t able to bring your beer with you.

Forget about these restrictions with Beverage Can Cover!

Introducing the Beer Can Cover – the perfect way to hide your beer cans and trick your friends! This can cover is made of food-grade silicone material, which is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. It is also very portable and easy to use – simply fold it into your bag or pocket and you're good to go. The Beer Can Cover is suitable for all standard 12 fl oz beverage cans, making it the perfect accessory for any events!

How to use:

Take it from your pocket and just put it on your can. Done!

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