Whiskey bullets - Enjoy pure taste of whiskey without water with the Whiskey Bullets!

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🥃 Making your whiskey cold without adding melted water from ice cubes;

🔪 Food-grade 304 stainless steel;

♠ 6 “bullets” with a revolver cylinder” base holder.

Do you realize that ice cubes change the taste of your whiskey?

The primary impact is a dilution of the whiskey as the ice melts and mixes with the liquid. As the ice melts and mixes with the whiskey, it lowers the overall alcohol content, which can diminish the intensity of the flavors.

If too much ice is added or the whiskey is left sitting with ice for an extended period, it can become excessively diluted. This can result in a loss of the whiskey's original flavors and complexities, making it taste watery and weak.

Certain delicate or nuanced flavors in whiskey can be easily overshadowed or masked by the presence of melted ice. The added water can dilute and suppress these subtle flavors, making the whiskey taste less vibrant and dynamic.

Do you know the quality and clearness of water used to make the ice you are using?

While the water quality in the USA generally meets high standards, there can still be instances where the water used to make ice may not be up to par. Using dirty water to make ice can introduce various problems to the taste and safety of whiskey or any other beverage.

The main problem with ice quality is uncleaned ice makers. It`s common not to clean ice maker machines for months or even years! And ice maker machines is a “great” place to accumulate dirt and grow bacterias during frost-defrost cycle.

Drink your whiskey pure and safe with the Whiskey Bullets!

Introducing the Whiskey Bullets - the perfect companion for whiskey enthusiasts who want to enjoy their drink at its best. These unique whiskey “stones”, shaped like bullets, are crafted from premium 304 food-grade stainless steel to elevate your whiskey experience to new heights.

Each set of Whiskey Bullets includes six meticulously crafted bullet-shaped stones, designed to keep your whiskey chilled without diluting its rich flavors. Unlike traditional ice cubes that melt and water down your drink, these stainless steel whiskey stones provide a gentle cooling effect while preserving the integrity of your favorite whiskey's taste profile.

Using Whiskey Bullets is effortless. Just place them in the freezer for a few hours to chill, then drop them into your whiskey glass. As they gently cool your drink, you'll experience the full flavor and aroma of your whiskey without any compromise.

How to use:

🧽 Rinse;

❄ Freeze for 6+ hours or just store them in freezer;

🥃 Add to your drink(2 bullets for a cool taste, all 6 for extreme chill);

🔄 Repeat!

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